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The hut


Old hut photo The history of Bertol hut is primarily linked to that section of Neuchâtel Swiss Alpine Club (founded 1876) Bertol's history is also closely linked to the one of different guards who have followed up there and all the sheltered climbers.
Gift of Mr. Russ-Suchard, it is exposed to Geneva and then transported and rebuilt on the rock Bertol between 1896 and 1898, finally opened August 7, 1898. In 1917, 1923, 1935, 1949 held various expansions to increase capacity of the cabin and improve conditions of employment of guards.
The Bertol hut was rebuilt and opened the June 27, 1976. In 1986, solar panels are installed as well as a new stove. On August 9, 1998, Section Neuchâtel commemorates the centennial of the Bertol hut on the rock Bertol. Between late May and mid-August 2000, new works take place Bertol.
Joseph Métrailler is the first Bertol's permanent guardian standing in the years 1905-1910. Jean Georges is the second during 42 years and leaves his place to his nephew - Jean Favre - who leaves Bertol after 33 years of caretaking ; his nephew Patrick Maistre is the new guardian but dies September 16, 1996 in a car accident the day of the closing of the cabin. That's the end of the history between the family Georges-Favre from Evolène and Bertol hut after 80 years. Bernadette Praz and Michel Maistre are now guards Bertol.
After their departure, several guards took turns at the hut Bertol: Fred Denis, Jolanda Stettler et Thierry Reymond and finally Jean-Luc Blanchard. Since the summer of 2008, Anne-Marie Dolivet took over.

Its location

Anne-Marie Dolivet and Dominique Gouzi
Anne-Marie Dolivet, the guardian and
Dominique Gouze, the clerk of the cabin Bertol.
Bertol is an hut of the Neuchâtel Swiss Alpine Club. Located 3311 meters above of Arolla in the Val'dHérens in Valais, it is on the itinerary of the High Road Chamonix-Zermatt and see passing the Patrouille des Glaciers - the mythical ski race mountaineering Zermatt to Verbier - every two years. The Bertol hut faces the Dent Blanche (4357 meters), the Matterhorn (4477 meters), the Dent d'Herens (4171 meters) to the east, Tete Blanche (3724 meters), the chain of Bouquetins, the Bertol Teeth and edge to the south, the Petit Mont Collon in the Southwest, Pigne Arolla to the west, north to White Staves. The Bertol hut, clinging to its rocky outcrop overlooking the Mount Miné glacier and the Bertol glacier.

The hut nowadays

Beautiful building with 80 seats on four levels: five dormitories of 16 beds equipped with duvets Nordic, a panoramic dining room with a library of nearly all the works of Guerin Editions: a few works of Slatkine Editions: on the theme of the mountain and a terrace with a breathtaking view of the glaciers.
Cabane interieur décorée
In spring and early summer, we need to get the snow protected by a security perimeter until the firn, which supplies the cabin starts to melt.
Récupération neige
At the cabin, we heated with wood and it lights up with solar panels and batteries that store energy.
découpe cabane sur ciel bleu
The cabin is replenished regularly by helicopter and by friends who wear on their back fresh food.
Portage de plaques de Sagex
Porting plates Sagex by Dom trying to keep warm at 3311 meters above sea level a few bottles of precious beverage.
Préparation héliportage
Préparation héliportage 2


Les pains sont cuits
Breads are baked
The kitchen is family: the pies and cakes and soup and casseroles are made to the cabin. Cheeses and wines from the Valais (Dole, Humagne, Gamay, Fendi, Johannisberg, Petite Arvine, Malvasia). Cans are used only occasionally in troubleshooting.
The evening meal consists therefore of homemade soup, a meat dish with  polenta or crozets buckwheat with some vegetables back to the stove or in a salad and a homemade dessert - flan , chocolate cake or apple crumble and blueberry. We plan vegetarian meals if we are notified in advance when booking.
Between noon and 3:00 p.m., we serve homemade soups with bread and cheese, rosti, omelets, tartiflettes and dessert from the cabin all accompanied by excellent wines from the Valais.
Lever de soleil à la gauche du Wandfluehorn
Lever de soleil à la Gauche du Wandfluehorn
Coucher de soleil derrière les Douves Blanches
Sunset behind the moat White